About Us

LPB POWER CO.,LIMITED is specialized in manufacturing high power rechargeable batteries which is use for RC field. Our company aim is to be the world largest manufacturer for rc model battery and battery cell. To Achieve this,we had the one step service for battery cell production, SMT, R&D,Assemble & Produce and Market Sales.
The Own battery cell manufacturer based in Loudi,Hunan with annual turnover of RMB 2 Billion.  Having a team of well experienced technicians & engineers taking in charging of the core products’ researching & designing.
LPB POWER was win the great praise from the professional clients in our focus area of rc model battery.With the advantages of excellent safety profile, reliability,High discharge platform, long cycle time to get the full trust and support from our customers.
Our service objective: offering the Best Value products,fast delivery,strictly and professional QC process and meticulous customer service.        http://www.lpb-power.com